Non-degree Courses

Auditing courses

The Fox Institute for Spirituality offers a variety of auditing options for prospective students or for those looking to enhance their professional and personal lives through continuing education, even if there isn't a commitment to pursue a degree. Doctor of Creation Spirituality alumni and those on the Evans Plan (spouses and legal partners who attend an intensive simultaneously with their degree-seeking partner) are also invited to audit courses.

Auditors are seamlessly integrated into the intensive by having the same admission criteria and by completing the required pre-paper and readings.

Requirements for all auditors:

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • Same preparation work as enrolled FICS students, including the readings and pre-paper in order to fully engage in the class.
  • Auditors are not required to complete a post-paper, however if they do, they can apply their class to a degree at a future date.
  • Attend the full program of the entire intensive: body prayer, seminar, art-as-meditation and integration group.
  • Complete the auditing application and payment.

Prospective students and the general public auditors:

If a post-paper is completed at the time of the class, the class can be attributed to a certificate or degree within two years of the course date upon approval of Admissions Office. The cost of the intensive is $1,750.

Doctor of Creation Spirituality alumni and Evans Plan auditors:

Doctorate alumni and Evans Plan students may audit a class for a 40% discount, which makes the tuition $1,050. Auditing at a discounted rate is considered continuing education and cannot be applied toward a certificate or degree program.