Dr. Stuart C. Lord Named Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality’s Interim President

The Board of Directors of the Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Stuart C. Lord as its Interim President. On May 1, 2018, Dr. Lord will assume his leadership post and succeed Founding President Dr. Susan Coppage Evans.

The Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality (FICS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and opened its doors in October 2017. FICS offers doctoral and master’s degrees, certificates, and lifelong learning programs to a diverse population of students. Approved by the Colorado Department of Higher Education to operate as a religious school, the Institute implements a holistic pedagogy unique to higher education by blending the wisdom of all religious traditions and science. Through the utilization of five-day intensives, FICS enables its students to be informed by both creativity and cosmology, enabling them to embody transformative leadership and embrace a wide array of vocations that nourishes our dynamic, modern world.

“I am excited to work with the Fox Institute and am deeply committed to the marriage of Eastern and Western traditions so that, together, we may cultivate contemplation into action!” Dr. Lord said. “I look forward to working with the faculty, staff, students, and members of the community to advance the mission of the Institute as we inspire courageous, transformative leadership in all of our students.”

Dr. Susan Coppage Evans, a Colorado businesswoman, and 2006 Doctor of Ministry graduate of the University of Creation Spirituality, co-founded the Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality in 2016 and serves on the organization’s Board of Directors. “It is a seminal time for FICS,” Dr. Evans noted. “Two years since its beginnings, the Institute is now ready for the leadership of Dr. Lord, a seasoned academic and spiritual leader who possesses a powerful vision for how FICS can have a greater impact not only in the lives of our students, but also our quickly evolving global community.” Dr. Evans will continue her leadership and support of FICS in collaboration with other international FICS board members.

Dr. Stuart Calvin Lord is an American educator and academic specializing in leadership and ethics, organizational development, diversity and inclusion, spirituality in education, and academic governance. As a Christian dedicated to social justice, Dr. Lord has blended both Eastern and Western wisdom traditions through the cultivation of contemplative meditation practice and selfless service.

Currently, Lord serves as CEO of Delta Developmental, a firm in Boulder, CO, specializing in leadership development, curriculum design, organizational assessment, and consulting. In 2015, Dr. Lord was appointed Chief Deputy to the President of Wheelock College to advise the president and assist in the college’s leadership transition and work with the senior management team. In 2009, Dr. Lord became the fifth president of Naropa University and led the multi-year plan to restructure the entire University and enhance its academic profile. While at DePauw University, Dr. Lord served as the Associate Dean of the University, Executive Director of the Grover L. Hartman Center for Civic Education and Leadership, and University Professor of Sociology and Service Learning. At Dartmouth College, Dr. Lord served as Associate Provost, Dean of the Tucker Foundation, and Vice President for Diversity and Equity. During President Clinton's administration, Dr. Lord served as the Executive Director of the President’s Summit for America’s Future.