The Earth’s Call for Creation Spirituality

Monday July 23 - Friday July 27, 8:30 a.m. -6 p.m.


Introduction to Creation Spirituality

Mary Reaman, DMin

In this class students will learn about the rich tradition of Creation Spirituality and the themes

associated with the Four Paths of Creation Spirituality. Through course work, class conversation, shared ritual and reflections, both head and heart will be engaged in absorbing the essentials of Creation Spirituality.

This intensive fulfills this requirement: Introduction to Creation Spirituality or as an elective.


Art as Meditation

Chanting Wisdom
art as meditation

David Sharp, DMin. and Jeannine Goode-Allen, DMin.

From the beginning of time movement, song and story have brought people together. In this course, we will explore these elements from the perspective of the world’s major wisdom traditions.

Each day we will teach from one or two traditions. We will give the background story for each of the rhythmic songs we teach. The lyrics will be presented in their original language as well as in English. We will teach accompanying movements and there will be live musical accompaniment. After a period of embodying the music, lyrics and movements, students will be given the opportunity to express their inner experiences via drawing and journaling.

Each day we will allow time for us to hear the voices of our circle as we ask each participant to share their creations as well as their experiences of the day and their resonances with what they have sung and moved to.

On the final day we will conclude with a discussion about how the students can carry the experiences of this class forward into their daily lives once they are back home.

Note: Any movement taught in this class will be very gentle and can easily be modified for those with any physical challenges.