Summer Intensive 1: Sacred Space, Sacred Community

Monday June 11 - Friday June 15, 8:30 a.m. -6 p.m.


Integrating Creation Spirituality into Sacred Community for the 21st Century

Sid Hall

In this course, we will explore what it means to create and sustain a community rooted in Creation Spirituality. We will look at core values and proven best practices that enable some of the existing Creation-Centered communities and churches in North America to thrive. This class will focus on two models: Launching a Creation-Centered community from scratch, and initiating a Creation-centered community within an established congregation. The class will look closely at worship as the organizing communal activity to build a Creation-centered community for the 21st Century.

This intensive fulfills this requirement: Reinvention of Work, Leadership, and culture, Ritual Making and Worship or as an Elective.


Art as Meditation

Writing the Prayers of the Cosmos: Liberating Your Mystic Soul
art as meditation

Bruce Sanguin

How can our prayers and poetry reflect the new cosmology that science has revealed, and at the same time be a true reflection of our soul’s reverence, devotion and gratitude? Our liturgies need to reflect the cosmos as a sacred unfolding in space and time. In our time together, we will create a sacred space to allow the inspiration of the Great Mystery, the ancestors, and creation to be voiced through us. Participants will spend time in each class writing prayers and, if they choose, sharing their work with others.