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Our world needs leaders who are committed to practicing compassion and integrating justice in all areas of leadership — in families, in business, education, politics, and spiritual communities — across cultures and economic systems. FICS is committed to providing the kind of transformational education that nourishes the innate leadership and compassion in all students and helps to instill hope for our future. We need your help to offer this education and provide resources for students. Please help us build hope by making your tax-deductible donation to Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality.


One Time Donation

Your donation will help equip FICS with the needed resources to be an effective educational community and empower the change agents of tomorrow. Your gift plants seeds of hope in students and faculty alike! Suggested donation:

    • $50
    • $125
    • $250
    • $500
    • $1000
    • $1500
    • Other

    Reoccurring Monthly Donation

    Your monthly financial commitment in combination with your supportive "Yes!" provide the resources for innovative and life-changing education. Monthly giving is a true source of sustainability for the Institute. Suggested donation:

    • $50/month
    • $75/month
    • $125/month
    • $250/month
    • $500/month
    • $1000/month
    • Other ammt/month

    Specific Donations

    Your donation will help provide a thriving learning environment and engaged hospitality. We update the list of specific needs and requests regularly. Suggested donation:

    • $100 to provide hospitality for students (coffee/snacks)
    • $250 Video/microphone adapter for recording teachers
    • $300 Printing brochures
    • $480/month for housekeeping
    • $800 for booth display for conferences
    • $1000 Out-of-town Faculty/Scholar lodging
    • Other

    Provide Student Scholarships

    Your generous support will ensure gifted students receive the education they need to be the future leaders our world needs. Suggested donation:

    • $1750 to provide one graduate Intensive
    • $500 for one partial scholarship
    • $1,000 for one partial scholarship
    • $18,000 for one full Doctorate Degree schoarship
    • $24,000 for one full Master's Degree scholarship
    • Other

    Thank you to our donors!

    Featured Donors:

    Diane Knoll

    I am enormously grateful to Matthew Fox and all of the teachers at UCS and thrilled to supprt the creation of the Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality!

    Barbara Bradshaw

    Schwab Charitable Fund

    Patricia Plude & Steven Kusmer

    I have told so many people about my experience with FICS intensives, and one of the things I keep saying is “Fox is a class act!” I imagine it might feel a bit held together with shoestrings right now, as you strive to recruit students and make ends meet. And, I want to assure you that from the student perspective, it doesn’t look or feel that way. My experience so far has been intellectually stimulating, emotionally healing, and spiritually enlarging. Thank you.

    • Annette Garner


    • Gail Ransom


    • Toni and Jonathan Saiber


      In honor of Leon Evans and Susan Coppage Evans

    • Madeleine Schwab


    • Patricia Waak


    • Lynn Shields