"Wonder rather than doubt is the root of all knowledge."

Rabbi Heschel

FICS provides transformative graduate and continuing education guided by the principles of Creation Spirituality and grounded in the wisdom traditions of faith and science. We offer certificates, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees and use a holistic pedagogy first articulated by internationally renowned theologian, Rev. Matthew Fox, Ph.D.

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Bernard Amadei University of Colorado professor and engineer, Bernard Amadei started Engineers Without Borders (EWB) after attending University of Creation Spirituality. EWB now has over 16,000 members. Its first mission was to install water pumps in San Pablo, Belize—and today over 400 projects are in process in 45 countries, and over 225 university and professional chapters exist in the U.S. alone. Dr. Amadei was three classes shy of completing his Doctor of Ministry and plans to complete his degree at FICS.
Diane Wolverton This University of Creation Spirituality Doctor of Ministry graduate and former state director for small business development at University of Wyoming started CSource, which provides resources for the Creation Spirituality movement. She then leveraged her passion for the reinvention of economic systems and cofounded The Local Crowd, a community-based crowdfunding platform that uses technology to ignite the spirit of sharing, caring and trust within rural U.S. communities.
Theodore Richards It was through Theodore Richards’s experiences in Creation Spirituality education that he came to see the power of re-imagining the world and the self through story. While pursuing a PhD at UCS/Wisdom University, he worked directly with Matthew Fox to develop YELLAWE, a program to bring the CS pedagogy to marginalized teens in Oakland. After graduating, Richards took the ideas and practices of YELLAWE and further developed them when he moved to the south side of Chicago, where he founded The Chicago Wisdom Project, a nonprofit that empowers teens to tell their story in order to transform themselves and the world. He has written numerous books that seek to re-imagine his own story and the story of our place in the world.