This is a time of great urgency in our world, a threshold time. The Spirit is calling for tending a new, emerging consciousness, fresh vision—and courageous, transformative leadership. This requires going deeper in spiritual practices and expanding the horizons of hope through education.

Are you seeking a supportive learning community for deepening your spiritual life and exploring your emerging gifts and interests for transformative action?

The Fox Institute is unique in offering degree programs that are creation-centered and are committed to integrating faith and science. FICS is grounded in the wisdom traditions and spiritual practices of all religious traditions and fosters bold, imaginative, creative leadership for justice and peace for all living beings.

Do you long for a cutting-edge curriculum that has immediate application to your current work or your emerging vocation in our broken world?

The FICS pedagogy is holistic—engaging mind, body and spirit—and the invigorating curriculum is an innovative arena for interspirituality, ecological justice and radical, prophetic leadership in our broken world.

Do you need an inspiring graduate degree or certificate that easily fits into your schedule?

FICS offers creative weeklong intensives throughout the year that work with your schedule and priorities. With reading and writing requirements fulfilled before and after intensives, you can fully engage with a deeply spiritual onsite learning community.

FICS is an authentic community that values each person’s journey of growing self-awareness, deepening spirituality, and prophetic action.

A hallmark of Creation Spirituality is that every person is an artist and every person is a prophet. This is a place that will support and encourage your gifts and vocation. Naturally, new gifts and vocations are often discovered.

If your mind is saying “yes” to the above responses, please do not wait. Explore our curriculum to see what most inspires your hope. Wherever you begin, the unique, innovative pedagogy of FICS is we are committed, at every step, to embodied spirituality and compassionate innovative work in the world.

If your heart is saying “yes,” know that you will always find a warm welcome at FICS.