Spiritual Communities and publications

Faculty and students are encouraged to engage in the Boulder community – participate in religious services, attend dharma talks, join a meditation group, walk a labyrinth, volunteer to serve and share in leadership.

Provided here is a sampling of local spiritual communities as well as faith-based publications that support FICS efforts. To learn more (or if your community is not listed here and/or wants to collaborate with FICS), contact our Director of Outreach and Communications, Kip Hubbard.

Golden Bridge: Melissa Michaels Sacred dance based on the work of Gabriel Roth. "At the foundation of all of our programs is somatic, dance-based processes that educate people about how to renegotiate trauma and shock in the body; how to express oneself in radically authentic and life serving ways; and how to access one’s vision, one’s will, and ultimately one’s capacity to practically develop and implement one’s creative work in the world."

The Integral Center A "community-as-practice" organization exploring the frontiers of what creates stronger relationships, minds, bodies, hearts, and lives.

Conscious Tribe A social network for healers and shakers, seekers and guides, for those seeking positive inner and outer change. Spiritual event calendar

Caritas Center The Caritas Center is a nonprofit community focused on healing, consciousness studies and spiritual exploration. Everything we do at Caritas – from our free healing clinic to our classes, lectures and films – is in the service of enhancing consciousness, as the key to global healing and evolution. In its educational program, Caritas offers courses in healing, dreamwork, spiritual studies, paranormal studies, metaphysics and astrology, as well as hosting a large array of guest speakers on these and other subjects. As a healing center, Caritas offers healing sessions by appointment in the Spiritist energy modality, as practiced in Spiritist centers throughout Brazil.

Faith-based Organizations


FICS receives a warm welcome from our landlord and host, First Congregational Church of Boulder, a UCC church

St John’s Episcopal Church
(walk their outdoor labyrinth right on Pine street)

First Methodist Church of Boulder
(visit their indoor labyrinth)

Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder

Unity of Boulder


Reform: Congregation Har HaShem
Renewal: Nevei Kodesh
Pardes Levavot
Conservative: Bonai Shalom

Buddhist Centers

Shambhala Center
Boulder Zen Center
Insight Meditation Community

Islamic Centers

Islamic Center of Boulder

Faith-based Publications