One of the required courses for all Fox Institute of Spirituality students is The Reinvention of Work, Leadership and Culture. Encouraging students to make an impact on more sustainable living in our world is central to the vision and mission at FICS.

In “The Great Work,” Thomas Berry writes, “The Great Work, now as we move into the new millennium, is to carry out the transition from a period of human devastation of the Earth to a period when humans would be present in a mutually beneficial manner … each person in and through their personal work assists in the Great Work.”

When Engineering Professor Bernard Amadei describes how Creation Spirituality education infused his work and inspired Engineers Without Borders, he says, “It transformed work with a little w into Work with a capital “W.” This is an example of great work.

Participants in FICS programs are seeking to live out their Great Work. They are consciously aware of integrating their spirituality into the whole of their lives, expressing the vocation to which they feel drawn to by Spirit.

Their areas of influence cover a whole range of issues, including sacred activism, gender perspectives, spiritual direction, ecological justice, church and community leadership, intergenerational wisdom, engineering and health care, among many others.

This is our work in the world. This is our vocation.


Over the years, students of all ages and professional backgrounds―from lawyers, engineers and social activists to poets, ministers and community leaders―have enrolled in Creation Spirituality programs.

Their stories are inspiring testimonies of how the experience of studying Creation Spirituality has truly transformed their lives, livelihoods and futures.

Isn’t this what education is really all about?