Certificate of Creation Spirituality

This program provides an opportunity for individuals to engage in learning the core concepts of Creation Spirituality. Available to all students who have, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, these courses provide a framework for integrating Creation Spirituality into one’s life and work. From the awe-inspiring cosmology story to the invitation to reinvent work and culture, students engage in the wisdom of faith and science with their own creativity and discernment.

Since the courses required for the certificate in CS are required for all degrees, students can easily step into any FICS degree program from the certificate level.


Certificate of Creation Spirituality Leadership

This program is designed for students who have completed a certificate, master’s degree or doctorate in Creation Spirituality and are inspired to practice Creation Spirituality in positions of leadership.

Whether applied toward renewing spiritual/church communities, leading in the non-profit world or education, or creating new forms of compassionate action, these courses offer practical guidance and inspiration along with a community of support.