Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality is approved by the Colorado Department of Higher Education as a religious school providing certificates, and master’s and doctoral degrees.

Our professors, many who taught at prior Creation Spirituality schools and/or graduated with a degree in Creation Spirituality, are steeped in the knowledge and pedagogy .

These internationally renowned thought leaders, authors, educators and community activists each teach in their area of expertise, providing FICS a depth and breadth of academic offerings. Some of our professors include:

Matthew Fox | Marvin Anderson | Brian Swimme | Clarissa Pinkola Estes | Bruce Chilton | Larry Edwards | Ana Perez-Chisti | Andrew Harvey | Theodore Richards | Carolyn Baker | Mirabai Star

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Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality is also supported by leaders in many educational organizations, ministries and industries. A group of these leaders participate with faculty in the academic affairs committee, advisory board and board of directors to ensure the quality of academic offerings, the implementation of the innovative pedagogy and the transformative student experience.