The Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality (FICS) grows out of an ancient tradition and is also a contemporary movement. As a tradition, it is rooted in the wisdom teachings of the world’s great spiritual traditions. As a movement, it recovers and applies that wisdom to present-day circumstances and concerns.

Rooted in the holistic, innovative pedagogy first articulated by renowned theologian Rev. Matthew Fox, PhD, FICS is a transformative, graduate-level and continuing-education program based in Boulder, Colorado.

The innovative yet time-tested curriculum at FICS encourages students to be joyful spiritual leaders in their communities and professions—and equips them to be activists for peace and healing for our planet and all of life.

Guided by the principles of Creation Spirituality and grounded in the wisdom traditions of faith and science, the school offers certificates, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees with courses on the new cosmology, reinvention of work and culture, spiritual leadership, the mystics, sacred activism and more.

Internationally renowned professors travel to Fox Institute to provide instruction in their areas of expertise which include a full range of classes on: engaging poverty, critical contemporary issues, the mystics (Eckhart, Hildegard, Rumi and Heschel), depth study of the wisdom texts, ritual leadership and the intersection of spirituality and science.

Roots at FICS run deep. They go back to 1978, when Matthew Fox started the Institute in Culture and Creation Spirituality at Chicago’s Mundelein College. The program later moved to Oakland, where it transitioned from Holy Names College to the University of Creation Spirituality (UCS).

Nearly four decades later, the new Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality uses the same fundamental principles of interdisciplinary education and holistic pedagogy, while satisfying the current-day spiritual hunger and desire to make a positive impact on our hurting world.